Leading article of September 2007. 477 downloadable texts and 790 Internet pages on the site

September 6, 2007, the site offers 477 texts or documents of investigation to download. One finds them at the bottom of the pages that present them by a summary, their contents, the key words, the disciplines concerned, their context of writing, their scientific contribution, the comments and critical notes that , their current relevance, the associated or complementary texts, the possible sites of purchase the original publication, their dates of setting on line and update. For the moment, only the first four points and the last three are systematically documented. The others are documented only for some texts. Gradually, they will be it for all.

One can read, in addition to the presentation, the pages listing the references according to various criteria (left-hand column) and the pages giving a summary of my activity and explaining the methods of use of the site (high of page). On the whole, the site counts 790 pages Internet at 6.9.07.

It was not found until now means to prevent the invasion of the pirate robots, that make unusable the statistics of frequentation of the site since July. It is possible a posteriori to eliminate the pages that they open in the list of the open pages. But this operation is long and boring and it must be carried out at least every three days. Impossible to repeat it durably. One will do it however during eight days in period of full activity to have an idea on respective behalf of the pirate robots and effective visitors.